Head towards Celje this weekend! A real treat awaits you at Šmartinsko lake!

Slovenia, brimming with treasures at every turn, is a haven for explorers and nature enthusiasts. Whether you’re drawn to the charm of its cities and villages, the wine or cycling roads, the majestic mountain ranges, the cascading waterfalls, or breathtaking lakes, it always pulls out something out of the pocket to captivate your soul. One such place, perfect for a weekend getaway with family can also be found in vicinity of Celje.

A beautiful Šmartinsko lake ( slo. Šmartinsko jezero) is just a 9-minute ride away but promises an incredible experience for visitors of all ages and throughout the whole year.



Smartinsko lake, Photo: Dražen Štader, Produkcija Studio, www.slovenia.info


Šmartinsko lake is actually one of the largest artificial lakes in Slovenia and it spreads across 113 hectares. It was created in 1970. to safeguard the region around the Savinja River from flooding, by creating dams in the Koprivnica stream. However, besides its main functionality, the lake has gotten another purpose. It became a great recreational and outing spot.


Smartinsko lake, Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.slovenia.info


Over the summer the lake becomes more than just a pitstop, as all kinds of activities await the visitors. You can enjoy fishing, kayaking, swimming, wakeboarding, tuba-riding, cycling, running, walking, and much more. What’s cool is that if you are bringing your kids with you, they can safely enjoy a playground and an interactive forest trail while you are drinking your favorite beverage in one of the local cafes or enjoying a walk.



During the autumn and winter, while most of the summer activities are not available, Šmartinsko Lake still retains its magic for those who love spending time in nature. The serene beauty of the lake and its surroundings, even in the colder months, offers a peaceful retreat for those seeking an escape. Make sure to experience that as well as it will be worth your while.




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