Here is an opportunity to watch birds and enjoy nature!

Birds are close to humans and attractive animals that we can observe, both in our yards and in the corners of the most diverse habitats.

Bird watching involves observing and recognizing different species of birds with the naked eye or with the help of optical aids such as binoculars (binoculars), binoculars (telescopes), and, more recently, photographic equipment (a camera with associated telephoto lenses).



Birdwatching Photo: Biom Association


Bird watching does not only mean watching birds but also listening to them! Namely, different types of birds can be recognized by their song. In the world, this popular hobby is better known as “birdwatching” or “birding.

Biom Association invites all citizens of Križevci and others interested in getting to know their feathered fellow citizens. You are all welcome to join the bird watching on Saturday, April 27 at 9 a.m. at Vidikovac Ratarna and enjoy the sights and songs of various bird species while walking through the beautiful mosaic habitat.


Birdwatching Photo: Biom Association


It takes nothing but goodwill to participate in bird watching! Biom Association provides binoculars and books for bird identification, as well as expert ornithologists who will share their knowledge about the identification, behavior, and lifestyle of the birds you meet during the walk.


Birdwatching manual, Photo: Biom Association


The tradition of Biom’s bird watching is to conclude the walk with a coffee meeting with the gathered nature lovers and an exchange of impressions from the observation. All those interested in observation are invited to pre-register by filling out the questionnaire (link) so that the organizers can provide a sufficient amount of the necessary equipment.








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