Here is where you can find enough snow for winter joys in Slovenia during January!

January is one of the prime months for all skiing and sledding lovers, so we checked how much snow there is at the most famous ski resorts in Slovenia!

A new layer of snow is expected to arrive this weekend, so the current data on the amount of snow will be out of date very soon, but this is the current situation!


Ski resort Kope near Slovenj Gradec currently has 50 centimeters of snow, three lifts are working, and half of the slopes are open.


Ski Resort Kope, Photo: Jošt Gantar,


In Kranjska Gora, the snow cover is only 20 centimeters, 3 out of 14 ski lifts are working, and about 3 kilometers of trails (out of 15) are opened.


Ski resort Kranjska gora, Photo: Iztok Medja,


The beautiful Krvavec has 35 centimeters of snow, and 5 out of 13 ski lifts are working. There is currently no information on how many kilometers of trails are open.


Ski resort Krvavec, Photo: Iztok Medja,


There are about 30 centimeters of snow on Maribor’s Pohorje, seven ski lifts and a small part of the trails are open.


Ski Resort Pohorje, Photo: Nina Kurnik,


There is also about 35 centimeters of snow in Rogla, 8 out of 12 lifts are working, and eight kilometers of slopes are ready for skiing.


Ski resort Rogla, Photo: Iztok Medja,


And finally, we checked out the Ski resort Vogel above Lake Bohinj. There are 45 centimeters of snow on it, three lifts are working, and three kilometers of slopes are ready for skiing.


Ski resort Vogel, Photo: Iztok Medja,



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