Hides 8 glacial lakes! Valamara mountain is one of the highest in Europe!

Honestly, nothing surprises us no more when investigating Albania, because wherever you look, this country completely surprises you. The same happened when we heard about Valamara Mountain (Mali i Valamarës).

Being part of the bigger mountain range, the peaks of Valamara are one of the highest in Albania and Europe as well.



Valamara, Photo: Malenki, CC BY-SA 4.0


Located in the very southeast of Albania, spreading through districts of Korça, Pogradeci, and Gramshi, Valamara together with its highest peak Maja e Valamarës, reaches heavenly 2373 meters. The two other closest peaks are Guri i Topit which reaches 2122 meters and Lenie with 2013 meters above sea level.

Based on the geological study performed it is stated that the rock formations on Valamara could be somewhere between 140–30 million years old.



However, if you think this is the only special thing about this mountain range then you will be surprised. Besides its Ice Age structure and heights, Valamara Mountain also hides not one but 8 beautiful glacial lakes called Lakes of Valamara (Liqenet e Valamarës). According to some sources the largest lake is around 600 meters in length and 200 meters in width.

They are situated somewhere 2100 meters above the sea and surrounded by vegetation that is more than 3000 years old.

Due to the Mediterranean climate, the temperature on Valamara ranges between 16.4 °C and 23.6 °C in summer months, so many visitors decided to find refreshments in them as well.


Valamara: Photo: Malenki, CC BY-SA 4.0


The source of the lakes could be attributed to the Shkumbin River which originates from Valamara mountain and it is also one of the most important rivers in the country together with Drin. The valley around the Shkumbin River was very important and populated by different Illyrian tribes.


If you love hiking, would love to explore this beautiful area, or even have a one-time life opportunity to swim in such lakes, make sure to visit it.




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