How many islands does Croatia have that are connected to the mainland by a bridge?

According to the international definition, an island is a land surrounded by sea with an area of more than 1 km2. There are a total of 78 such islands in Croatia. The others fall into the categories of islets (from 0.01 to 1 km2) and rocks (less than 0.01 km2). They are 524 and 642.

However, several islands are connected to the mainland by a bridge. There are five of them in total. Here they are!



  • KRK BRIDGE – Primorje-Gorski Kotar County

It used to be called Tito’s Bridge, and today it is known as Krk Bridge. It was built in 1980 in the area between Črišnjevo and Skot coves, which are located in the municipality of Kraljevica, on the mainland, on the island of St. Marcus, and in the area of the municipality of Omišalj on the island of Krk.

It has two arches, and the total length of access roads is 1430 meters, which makes it the largest island bridge in the Adriatic.


Most Krk, Photo: den-belitsky, Depositphotos


  • PAG BRIDGE – Zadar county

The Pag bridge is a reinforced concrete arch bridge that connects the island of Pag with the mainland via Ljubačka vrata. It was put into traffic in 1968, and it is 301 meters long. The bridge was last renovated in 2020.


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Pag bridge, Photo: Pixabay


  • VIR BRIDGE – Zadar county

The bridge connects the island of Vir and the mainland near Privlaka. It was built in 1976, and its total length is 378 meters. It has a harbor appearance so that ships and other vessels with a height of up to 10 meters and a width of 20 meters, with a draft of less than 4 meters, can move freely under it.


Vir Bridge, Photo: chakisti, Depositphotos


  • TISNO BRIDGE – Sibenik-Knin County

The island of Murter is the largest and the closest island to the mainland in the Šibenik area, separated from the mainland by the narrow Murter canal, over which a 12-meter-long movable bridge was built in the town of Tisno in 1968.

There was also an old bridge built at the beginning of the 18th century at that place. During the summer season, the bridge is raised twice a day to allow boat traffic through the canal.


Tisno bridge, Photo: xbrchx, Depositphotos


  • ČIOVO BRIDGE – Split-Dalmatia County

The island of Čiovo can boast that it even has two bridges that connect it to the mainland. Namely, since 1964, Čiovo has been connected to the mainland by a bridge in the center of Trogir, but with the development of tourism, that old bridge with access roads no longer had sufficient capacity, and large crowds formed in the summer.

About a kilometer east of the old one, a new 547-meter-long bridge was built and put into traffic in 2018.


Čiovo bridge, Trogir, Photo: dbajurin, Depositphotos


After Denmark, Croatia has the most bridges in Europe that connect the mainland with the islands. Each of them is worth your visit and enjoy the view of construction solutions that have lasted for centuries.




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