Hridsko lake is a lake of happiness! People believe if you swim in it, you will be blessed!

Almost at the very border with Albania, in the northwest of the magnificent Prokletije on the Montenegrin side, hidden within hundred-year-old conifer trees, lies an emerald green lake. It is approximately a one-hour drive from Plav.

According to popular local beliefs, swimming in this enchanting lake with good intentions brings an immense amount of good luck, health, and trouble-free marriages to those who take the plunge.



Hrid Lake, Photo: Jahmaica, Depositphotos


Nestled in the Plav-Gusinj region, Hridsko Lake—also known as Happiness Lake —extends across a vast valley at an elevation of almost 2000 meters above sea level.

Situated just below the summit of big and small Hrid, the lake spans approximately 300 meters in length and 160 meters in width, with a maximum depth of around 5 meters.


Hrid lake, Photo: Jahmaica, Depositphotos


This enchanting lake, shaped by subterranean springs and the thawing of snow, is embraced by rocky passages that serve as the inspiration for its name. Framed by a lush expanse of conifer trees, Hridsko Lake undergoes captivating shifts in shades of green throughout the day, drawing numerous visitors and nature enthusiasts to its mesmerizing beauty.

Recognizing its ecological importance, the lake has been accorded a unique status as a special reserve within the Prokletije National Park, ensuring its protection and preservation for generations to come.


Hrid lake, Photo: Jahmaica, Depositphotos


Blessed with celestial beauty, Hridsko Lake is steeped in legends and popular beliefs. One such tale suggests that the lake bestows good luck upon those who decide to swim in its waters, while another tale contends that it was crafted by the divine for the enjoyment of fairies—though they purportedly departed when people began to frequently visit the lake.

A particularly intriguing story also talks about the misadventure of a greedy merchant who was drawn by the jewelry left by women seeking good fortune. Blinded by the moonlight reflecting off the jewels, the merchant was overcome with sorrow, and his wails resonated so loudly that they echoed through the surrounding mountains. Consequently, the lake acquired the local moniker Ridsko Lake, with “ridati” meaning sobbing in the regional lexicon.


Hrid lake, Photo: Jahmaica, Depositphotos


As attested by numerous hikers, the optimal route to access Hridsko Lake involves driving up to Prokletije and reaching a location known as Bajrovića Katun. From this point, a marked trail of 1 hour and 30 minutes guides you directly to the picturesque Hridsko Lake.



Interestingly, the residents of the Plav-Gusinj region make it a tradition to gather at the lake every 12th of July for a communal hangout. Consider participating in this local tradition, especially since the summer months are deemed the most favorable period to visit the lake and relish its natural splendor.




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