It used to be home to the plague and a notorious camp, but today everyone remembers it for the Čatovića Mlini!

Halfway between Kotor and Herceg Novi, in the middle of the picturesque Boka Kotor Bay, is the quiet and charming town of Morinj.


According to tradition, the name Morinj comes from the word "morila" or "moriti". In the Middle Ages, the population faced a great plague. The then-young Marinje priest believed that only prayer could save the village. He suggested that the large icon of the Holy Mother of God from the Church of St. Jovan be brought to the water source on Svrčak to sanctify the water and sprinkle the people. Since then, every year on July 15, the people of Morinj bring the icon of the Holy Mother of God as a sign of respect and gratitude for the healing.


Morinj, Čatovića Mlini, Photo: Konoba ČM


Morinj therefore traces its roots back to ancient times, and it is also known for its mills, of which there were once about thirty. The mills were the heart of the community, grinding olives and grains. However, the passage of time has brought oblivion to Morinj mills and old customs.



Morinj, Čatovića Mlini, Photo: Konoba ČM


Despite the lost glory, a mill and a house found a new life thanks to the dedication of Lazar Ćatović. Almost 30 years ago, Lazar, with a lot of work and love, turned his heritage into an exceptional tavern, thus renewing the soul of Morinje.


Morinj, Čatovića Mlini, Photo: Konoba ČM


What sets Ćatović Mlin apart from others is the vision of preserving the harmony created together by the locals and nature. Every step in the renovation of the tavern was conducted with respect for local tradition and culture, carefully choosing the details that make up a unique story.

Thanks to the passion, the mill lives again, offering Ćatović Mlin the role of a refuge from the busy life, where time flows according to the visitors’ rhythms.


Ćatovića Mlini, Morinj, Photo: Olga Demchishina, Dreamstime


Harmonious as the order of perfect seafood specialties, smooth as a golden thread of homemade olive oil, elegant as a wine that has been waiting for you to release it from the bottle for years, this place offers a quick escape from everyday life, like a blink of an eye that turns into pleasantly spent hours.



Morinj, now enriched with Ćatovića Mlini, is patiently waiting for you to discover it, fall in love with it, and keep coming back to it.





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