It will give you goosebumps! Watch the latest promotional video of the island of Pag and its natural beauty!

If you haven’t been to Pag Island already then this promotional video will change your mind and your plans for this summer.

Renowned for its Mars-looking-like rocks in Metajna that spread across the north of the island, famous beaches and parties, exquisite cuisine, famous Pag cheese, distinctive Pag lace making, history, and much more…Pag island is a place out-of-this-planet waiting for you to immerse yourself in the experience.



Pag Island, Photo: Máté Melega, Unsplash


To promote this natural beauty and all other opportunities that this island has to offer, the Tourist boards and organizations of Novalja, Pag, Kolan, Povljana, and Stara Novalja, rolled up their sleeves and got to creating. The video was created with the assistance of the LEVEL52 production company from Labin!

The promotional video, titled “Island of the Brave,” showcases various additional activities that can be found on this authentic island. From cycling and trail running to climbing and kayaking, it highlights the diverse range of experiences awaiting visitors on the island of Pag. We are sure the nature enthusiasts will agree!

Check it out!



The goal of this campaign is to encourage viewers to choose from a variety of nature-related activities and visit the island of Pag, where they will experience a unique kind of nature that can’t be found anywhere else in the Mediterranean.

So what do you say, did it work?




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