It’s time for Tirana Street Food Festival 2023

The colorful streets of Tirana will come alive again with the tempting smells of street delicacies from all over the world during the 3rd Tirana Street Food Festival.

This gastronomic extravaganza will bring together food lovers, culinary masters, and visitors of various profiles to celebrate the rich palette of flavors and cultures that make up the heart of the Albanian capital.




The Tirana Street Food Festival will be held in the main city square Skënderbeg in Tirana and will last for six consecutive days from November 15 to 20, 2023.

This event is expected to attract thousands of food lovers from all over the country and abroad.



In addition to visitors having the opportunity to taste various culinary specialties, the festival will also offer a number of entertainment and musical activities, including concerts by young artists.




The Tirana Street Food Festival has become an important event in Albania’s culinary scene, attracting an increasing number of visitors every year. Considering the success of the previous two editions, it is expected that this year’s festival will be even bigger and better.




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