Kiseljak is known for two things, and it was named after one of them!

Kiseljak is a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, only 18 kilometers from Sarajevo, through which the Lepenica River flows.

Kiseljak was mentioned for the first time in 1531, in Benedikt Kuripešić’s travelogue “Through Bosnia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Rumelia”.



Kiseljak, Photo: Tvrtko Milovic, Public domain


Kiseljak is known for its mineral water, which some say is the best in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to some sources, the place Kiseljak got its name from the acidic water that springs there.

Sarajevski kiseljak mineral water is drawn from two sources, Park and Kiseljačić, which annually produce over 35 million liters. This water has healing properties for diseases of metabolism, liver, bile, digestion, and kidneys.


Source of Sarajevski kiseljak in the center of Kiseljak, Photo: Dental, CC BY-SA 4.0


Kiseljak is also known for its famous scones (pogača), which is sung in the folk song Kiseljačke pogače.

These scones are made from sourdough, which is baked in a wood-fired oven. The scones are filled with kajmak, cream, or sugar. Kiseljak is a mandatory ingredient for scones.




If you’re passing by, be sure to try Kiseljačke pogačice, send us a picture, or leave a comment below. 🙂





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