Koćuša and Čeveljuša, two exceptional waterfalls on the Trebižat River

Trebižat is a sinkhole river in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a right tributary of the Neretva, 50 kilometers long.

On its course through the karst area, it rises and sinks several times, which is why it bears nine different names: Culuša, Brina, Ričina, Suvaja, Matica, Vrljika, Tihaljina, Mlade and Trebižat.



Trebižat next to Vitina village, Photo: Stephan Hense, CC BY-SA 3.0


From the source to the mouth, the Trebižat river is adorned with numerous waterfalls, the purity of the water, willows and other vegetation, and the abundance of trout and other types of fish.

The most famous waterfall on Trežibat is certainly Kravica, but today we will take you to two lesser-known but exceptional waterfalls – Koćuša and Čeveljuša.


Koćuša Waterfall, Photo: fronzfronz1, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED


The Koćuša waterfall is located in the village of Veljaci in the municipality of Ljubuški and is one of the most beautiful natural pearls in this part of Herzegovina.

The height of the waterfall is five and the length is 50 meters, and in the immediate vicinity, some mills have decorated this place for years.  The natural wealth of this region consists of sedimentary rocks, the so-called travertine that has been deposited over the years, making this waterfall attractive.



Čeveljuša is located near the village of Hrašljani, a few kilometers from Ljubuški. Its length is about 15 meters, and it is a popular tourist attraction and a place where locals gather in the summer months for swimming and entertainment.



Near these waterfalls there is also a small cave, a Franciscan museum, and the medieval fortress of Herceg Stjepan, so you have more than enough reasons to visit this part of Herzegovina.



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