Kravica that does not give milk! Waterfalls that delight in all seasons!

Back in 1988, I visited the Kravica (English: “little cow”) waterfall for the first time when I went to visit a colleague at the barracks in nearby Čapljina, where he was serving his mandatory military service at the time. It was the middle of spring, so while traveling through Bosnia and Herzegovina, we encountered heaps of residual snow along the road, which had not yet melted.

The trip to Kravica served us to munch on fried chicken, which was sent by my colleague’s mother, and I played the role of a delivery person (and I didn’t work for Glovo 🙂 ). When a colleague suggested Kravica as the destination for our lunch, I jokingly asked him – does it give milk! Ha, ha, because of that milk, I got the inspiration to write this article.



Photo from way back in 1988, my girlfriend at the time,( and now my wife) and me. Photo:


Kravica is located in Studenci, a place near Ljubuški, about 40 km from Mostar, that is, 3 km downstream from Vitaljina. The waterfall is located on the 50 km long course of the Trebižat river, which widens and falls from a height of 30 meters, creating an impressive scene. The waterfall at the top has the shape of a semicircle, about 120 meters wide, and is made of travertine.


From the source to the estuary, the Trebižat river is adorned with numerous waterfalls (Čeveljuša and Koćuša), the blue sky, the purity of the water, the green of willows, cottonwoods, lombardy trees, and other vegetation, and the abundance of trout and other types of fish. Swimming is allowed, but not in the immediate vicinity of the falls, and it is a good thing that the falls are open all year round. Of course, the biggest crowd is during the summer when there are several thousand visitors. During the winter, the water level rises by two or three meters, so most of the catering establishments are flooded. Here’s how impressive the waterfalls look in winter!


Vodopad Kravica, Photo JP Ljubuški 


Near the waterfall, there is also a small cave where you can see calcium carbonate stalactites, an old mill, and a small boat, which further enhances this already beautiful place. Visit the nearby Franciscan museum, located in the basement of the monastery of St. Anthony of Padua in Humac, which contains archaeological material collected in the wider area of Herzegovina, and is divided into prehistoric, ancient, and medieval collections in a time span of almost 16,000 years. I also suggest a visit to the medieval fortress of Herzeg Stjepan, which is located above Ljubuški, at the top of Buturović.



The entrance fee for Kravica is the same throughout the year and is 20 KM (10 euros) for an adult, while adults from Bosnia and Herzegovina pay half the price (10 KM or 5 euros). Children up to 7 years of age have free entry and those from 7 to 18 pay 5 KM (2.5 euros).




I do miracles right away, but the impossible still takes me a little time!


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