Krčnik gorge: a hidden gem in Slovenian Gorizia hills

Did you know that besides the very famous Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia has another gem up its sleeve known as Krčnik Gorge? This bundle of nature is one of the most unusual gorges in Slovenia and is the real hidden treasure at the very border with Italy.


Located in Gorizia hills,  and about 25 kilometers away from Nova Gorica, Krčnik, is situated at about 800 meters above Kožbana Valley, where the Kožbanjšček stream carved a beautiful gorge.



Krcnik, Photo: Boris Pretnar,


As the Kožbanjšček stream tried to make its way through a rocky cliff, it created many rapids, three pools called Kotline, and Krčnik gorge at about 40 m long and, in some places, from half a meter to 6 m wide. The total depth of the gorge is around 6 meters through which the Kožbanjšček water stream continues all the way to Reka near Neblo village.

With its rapids, it also broke through a big rock creating a natural bridge that is about 5 meters long, 1.5 meters thick, and 1 meter wide.


Krcnik, Photo: arhiv ZTKMŠ Brda,


Due to its unusual formation, beauty, and importance to the Gorizia region and Slovenia, the gorge, bridge, and pools have been protected as natural monuments since 1985.


Kotline, Photo: Ernad Ihtijarević, Mediaspeed,


If you wish to visit Krčnik, you can do so by bike, car, or on foot from the Neblo village. We heard it’s best in spring when the water flow is the highest or summer when many of the locals enjoy the Kotline pools as a spot for refreshment.

As the Gorizia hills (slo. Goriška Brda) lie on the right bank of the Soča River, they are opulent by nature wonders and valleys, hiding, addition to Krčnik, places such as Šmartno, Dobrovo, Gonjače, abandoned settlement Slapnik and many more which you must check out as well.



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