Lake of legends and dragons! Rogozničko Lake is a phenomenon located right by the sea

Croatian mythology does not lack stories about princes and princesses, witches, but also dragons. Like Šmitovo Lake, i.e. the Dragon’s Heart near Ogulin, this lake, in the center of the town of Rogoznica surrounded by the sea on three sides, was named after such legends.

Lake Rogoznica, locally known as Dragon’s Eye, is located on the Gradina peninsula in the karst of a former cave that existed here 10,000 years ago, during the last ice age.



Dragon’s Eye, Photo: DTatiana, Depositphotos


Besides being surrounded by the sea, the Dragon’s Eye is surrounded by vertical rocks that are up to 23 meters high in some areas. It stretches over 10,000 square meters, and its depth reaches up to 15 meters.

It is a unique geomorphological and hydrological phenomenon that was created by the collapse after the rise of the sea level, where the sea then found its way through the cracks in the depression.

Dragon’s eye, but also its lower layer of hydrogen sulfide, has interested many scientists who compare it with the Black SeaFramvaren fjord in Norway, and Lake Pavin in France.


Dragon’s eye, Photo: xbrchx, Depositphotos


Green and blue on the surface, periodically yellowish, this lake sometimes takes on a pink, red, and even purple color due to the sulfur in its depth. Because of this mixing, the lake “boils” and then runs out of oxygen. Due to this astonishing phenomenon and its origin, the lake is also followed by a long series of legends, which is why this Rogozničko Lake also got the name Dragon’s Eye.


Dragon’s Eye, Photo: DTatiana, Depositphotos


The most famous one says that there was a dragon Murin, the illegitimate son of Hera and Poseidon, who ruled the polis of Heraklej from his court on the island of Velika Smokvica. His task was to protect the inhabitants, and every year, on the longest day, they had to give him the most beautiful girl in the area to be his wife.

One day, the hero Aristoles appeared, the great-grandson of the Argonaut Jason, who fell in love with that very girl who was supposed to be the bride of the dragon Murin the very next day. But the young man didn’t want to give up so easily and let go of his love, so he challenged the dragon to a duel.

Wounding him with a spear, as he was dying, the dragon clawed out his own eyes. He threw one eye far beyond the island of Mljet, and the other fell through his feet at the place where Rogozničko Lake is located today, where the sea then flowed in.


Dragon’s eye, Photo: xbrchx, Depositphotos


Of course, some legends tell about a dishonest brother who wanted to deceive a blind one, so because of the curse that was cast, the dragon came out of the depths to punish him and made a hole. There are also legends about various aliens and meteorites, but also a legend that the same dragon still lives somewhere in the depths.


Dragon’s Eye, Photo: DTatiana, Depositphotos


Be that as it may, this does not stop the local population or tourists from bathing in this very interesting salt lake, which, apart from its astonishing origin, promises a great opportunity to test jumping styles.

If you get the chance, definitely visit it, they say the water temperature is great.



Peace, love and music! ☮️

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