Lakes that have been used for salt production for centuries! Get to know Veliko and Malo Blato next to Šibenik!

You have probably heard about the phenomenon of pink lakes, which is caused by high salinity and the presence of algae that reproduce due to this salt. One of the most famous pink lakes is Lake Hillier in Australia, which gets its color due to the presence of Dunaliella salina algae, as well as pink bacteria called halobacteria, but did you know that one just like this, although a little less known, is located near Šibenik?


Malo Blato  – Mala Solina, Šibenik, Photo:


Veliko and Malo Blato (Vela and Mala Solina), lakes are located in the settlement of Zablaće, about five kilometers from Šibenik, and are known for being used as salt pans since ancient times. The first few records connect this particular settlement as a place where salt was produced in the period from the end of the 13th century until the 18th century.


Since salt was one of the most valuable goods for trade in the Middle Ages, the city of Šibenik was built largely thanks to Veliko and Malo Blato, and thus many families were fed because of this salt.


Malo Blato  – Mala Solina, Šibenik, Photo:


In addition to feeding the inhabitants, the economic development of Šibenik also became a very attractive target for the Venetian authorities, so the salt pans became part of their salt monopoly. With it, the government controlled the price, but also its position in the exchange, which led to the signing of a trade agreement between two strong powers, the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire.

With this agreement, Šibenik became the only trading center where Ottoman subjects could buy salt.


Malo Blato  – Mala Solina, Šibenik, Photo:


Unfortunately, with the arrival of the Cretan War at the beginning of the 17th century, that agreement was broken and since then, the value of Šibenik salt began to decline, so the saltworks stopped working as well. There were several attempts to restore them but without success. The salt pans then acquired a new function, that of a habitat for a diverse ecosystem and as ponds. So today, while walking around the lakes, you will be able to see fascinating flamingos and little white herons.


Malo Blato  – Mala Solina, Šibenik, Photo:


Malo Blato is certainly more popular of these two lakes because of its pink color, which is why everyone wants to see it. You can walk or drive around it.

According to various sources, the mud from the lake is very rich in minerals and many people use it for health purposes. The Veliko blato can also be visited on foot or by car, and it also has two small islands.

If the road takes you to Šibenik, be sure to stop and look around.






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