Legend has it that it was built by women! Haj Nehaj has a view that will delight you!

Just 9 kilometers from Bar in Montenegro, in the charming coastal town of Sutomore renowned for its stunning Red Cliffs, not one but two fortresses lie hidden, once formidable defenders spanning from the coast to the mountains. The older fortress, with a history tracing back to the 16th century, harbors a captivating legend – or rather, a tale suggesting it was constructed by women.

Despite its current state of disrepair and neglect, Haj Nehaj, also known as Nehaj Fortress, is rumored to echo with a song even today through its walls.



Haj Nehaj, Sutomore Photo: Floren Mechain, Travelmag.com, CC BY 2.0 DEED


Haj Nehaj stands proudly northwest of the city center, perched at an elevation of 231 meters above sea level commanding a breathtaking view that spans across two bays – the Sutomore Bay and the Bar Bay.

Believed to have been built by the Republic of Venice in 1542, Nehaj was originally named Fortezza de Spizi. However, a mere three decades after its construction, it fell under the control of the Turks.


Haj Nehaj, Sutomore Photo: Victoriel, Depositphotos


Characterized by its formidable and unconventional design, and difficult approach, the fortress of Haj Nehaj was strategically crafted for combat involving firearms. Featuring round towers, numerous weaponry storages, and water cisterns, its walls enclosed the distinctive Church of St. Dimitri.

Remarkably, this church predates the fortress itself and it boasts two altars – one Orthodox and the other Catholic.


Haj Nehaj, Sutomore, Photo: Alexandra Zakharova, CC BY 2.0 DEED


Spanning the entire hill, historical records suggest that, in times of necessity, Haj Nehaj could host up to 900 individuals.


Haj Nehaj, Sutomore, Photo: Victoriel, Depositphotos


After it was finally freed from the Turks in the 19th century, the Nehaj fortress fell into the hands of the Montenegrin authorities and since then, only partial walls and the main entrance stand as a reminder that it is time to take care of her as well, while it is still preserved in the imagination as the protector of this wonderful city on the coast.

Haj Nehaj, Sutomore, Photo: lightcaptured, Depositphotos


If you have the chance, definitely visit it!




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