Like from a movie! Ilomska waterfalls are a natural wonder at the foot of the Vlašić!

Halfway between Travnik and Kneževo (former Skender Vakuf), at the foot of Vlašić – a mountain known for the tradition of making Vlašić cheese and winter tourism – there is a magnificent waterfall of the Ilomska River, the right tributary of the Ugar River, which seems as if it is not from this planet.

Imagine the scene where you are sitting in front of crystal clear water that tumbles over rugged cliffs, surrounded by lush greenery in the embrace of untouched wilderness. Well, that’s exactly what the Ilomska waterfalls are, a hidden gem that promises not only a visual feast but also a deep connection with the beauty of nature.


Although it is not shocking to see a waterfall like this in Bosnia and Herzegovina, because they are all magnificent, this one looks just like it came from a movie.


Ilomska waterfalls, Photo: Svjetlopis, Vladimir Tadić, CC BY-SA 4.0


The Ilomska River, a beauty that springs at an altitude of about 1,550 meters above sea level and passes through a coniferous forest of spruce and fir, after about 20 kilometers of its path, in the village of Donji Korićani, encounters a 40-meter high cliff. From that cliff, known as the Korićani rocks, it tumbles down with great speed, creating not one, but two beautiful waterfalls.

The large and small Ilomska waterfalls are hidden in the Vlašić plateau, only 2 kilometers from the mouth of the Ugar River, in a narrow canyon between 750 and 780 meters above sea level.


Ilomska Canyon, Photo: mariejirousek CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED


It is not difficult to get to the Ilomska waterfalls. If you find yourself on the regional road Travnik – Kneževo, when you see the sign Lovište Kneževo, turn right from the main road and drive until you see the hydroelectric plant. You can park there, and immediately upon arrival, you will see a sign directing you to the waterfalls. You will walk along the mountain trail for about 30 minutes to the fork, from which the right path leads you to a large waterfall, and the left one to a small waterfall.

As you get closer and closer, the sound of bubbling water will grow from a distant whisper into a symphony, inviting you to witness a real spectacular show of nature.



If you dare to visit this quiet corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we recommend that it be in autumn or spring, when the Ilomska River swells from heavy rains or melting snow. In those periods, the waterfalls are even more impressive and rich. But no matter when you decide to visit them, you will experience a spell that will leave an indelible mark and awaken the desire to visit them again.

It is very important to know that, since the waterfalls are inside the canyon and surrounded by rocks, you have to watch out for possible landslides.






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