Lim Bay – submerged karst canyon

About twenty minutes by car north of Rovinj is the Lim Channel, also known as Lim Bay or Lim Fjord. Although many call it a fjord, the Lim Channel is a submerged karst canyon.


Lim bay, Photo: Andreas H., Pixabay


Once upon a time, the imposing sea bay was a valley through which the river Pazinčica flowed, flowing into the sea. The stormy geological past took its toll – the sea penetrated the valley and completely changed the landscape.


The Lim Channel is part of the 35-kilometer-long Lim hollow, which reaches almost to Pazin in the center of Istria. The canal itself is 12 kilometers long, and on both sides of it rise steep hills, sometimes up to 100 meters high.


Lim Bay, Photo: Ivo Biočina, Croatian Tourist Board


The Lim Channel is a protected nature reserve, and you can explore it on foot, by bike, or by boat. Also explore Romuld’s cave, whose entrance is only half a meter high, and the corridors are 105 meters long.

Until you decide on a visit, take a look at aerial shots of the channel.



The Lim Channel is known as a breeding ground for fish and shellfish. I recommend that after enjoying nature, you definitely refresh yourself with fresh seafood in one of the restaurants.




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