Are you running out of ideas for a weekend trip? Head to Lipica, the cradle of white horses

Did you know that noble white Lipizzaners are originally from Slovenia?

Their original stable has been located in Lipica na Krasu since 1580, and here you can admire their elegance during tours, shows, and classical riding training, experience Kras with a carriage, or go cross-country riding.



Stud farm Lipica, Photo: Jošt Gantar, www.sloveniainfo


Lipica Stud Farm is a place of Slovenian pride with a stable that has been working for more than 400 years. It is the oldest in Europe and the only one that continuously breeds the same breeds of horses, which is why it has the status of a cultural and historical monument that impresses you both with the horses and the landscape.

This tradition was also included in UNESCO’s representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2022.


Lipizzaners, Lipica, Karst, museum,

Stud farm Lipica, Photo: Boris Pretnar,


After entering the estate, you can tour the oldest stud farm with representatives of all classic lines of Lipizzaner, visit the Lipizzaner Museum and the Carriage Museum, walk through pastures, tree rows, and parks, and learn about Lipizzaner and Kras specialties. There is also a children’s playground in the park.

Experienced guides will introduce you to all the special features of Lipica and horses on guided tours, and you can wander around the estate on your own. The mobile application Vodnik po Lipica can help you with this.



Additionally, when visiting Lipica, you can watch horses being trained in a covered riding hall with music and folk songs, where they learn demanding figures during their schooling at the Lipizzan School of Classical Riding.  They offer a 45-minute show worth watching. Just before visiting, check the training and performance schedule.


Take advantage of the opportunity because ticket prices are much cheaper until the end of March!





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