Ljuta river: one of the shortest sinkhole rivers in Europe

The Ljuta River is one of the shortest sinkhole rivers in Europe, which swells in winter after heavy rainfall and carries a huge amount of water, which then flows into the sea in Boka Kotor Bay.

Her strength and power were so strong that she was popularly called Ljuta (angry/fierce).



Ljuta river, Photo: Baloncici, Depositphotos


The source of the Ljuta River is called Oko (eye), which is actually the canal from which this river flows, whose length is only about 100 meters. The minimum flow of the main source of the river Ljuta is about 100 liters per second, while in the swell period, the maximum is as much as 170 m3/sec.


Ljuta river, Photo: Baloncici, Depositphotos


But not only the river got that name, but also the village where it is located. The river Ljuta is about 7 kilometers from Kotor and forms the northern border of the settlement of Dobrota.

The Ljuta settlement is the exact opposite of the river. This picturesque place is an exceptional opportunity for a summer holiday, where you can enjoy peace and cooling in the crystal clear sea.



Like Dobrota, the village of Ljuta is also known for its captain’s mansions – Ivanović, Tripković, Dabinović, Milošević – which have changed owners, but have preserved their original appearance, typical of the 18th and 19th centuries.

If you’ve ever been to Ljuta, send us your photos and let us know how it was for you!





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