Lonely Zir invites you to climb and enjoy a wonderful view

In the center of Lika, on a field surrounded by greenery, rises the Zir hill. This 850-meter-high mountain, located near the village of Kik in the municipality of Lovinac, is part of the Lika highlands.

Zir looks as if the hill has grown in the middle of the plain, which makes it particularly interesting for observers from the Zagreb-Split highway, the railway line, or from Ličko polje. If you passed by here, you must have noticed him.



Zir Mountain, Photo Andrej Neuherz, CC BY-SA 3.0


Zir is a mountain built of limestone, the former seabed, and because of that it is full of cavities – caves and pits. Inside the mountain itself, there is a 350-meter-long cave with a lake. Thanks to its secluded location, one of the most impressive views of Velebit can be seen from the top in almost its entire length.


Zir, Photo Xbrchx, Depositphotos


Legends and facts:

  • Watchtower against the Ottomans: According to one legend, Zir served as a watchtower during the Turkish conquests. Its peak was an ideal place for controlling the Ličko polje and the important traffic road Udbina-Ploča-Mogorić-Ribnik.
  • Attracted the eyes of travelers: Another legend tells that it always attracted the eyes of travelers with its beauty, causing – staring. People also sang songs about Zir.



 Zir is included as a control point in the Croatian Mountaineering Bypass and the Lički Gorski Biseri Bypass. The path leading to the top is three kilometers long and takes about an hour to climb, and the rocks are secured with cables. The marked trail starts on the road near the village of Trkulje.





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Zir is a place that enchants with its natural beauty and richness. Whether you are a fan of hiking, nature, or history, Zir is a place you must visit. 🙂






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