Love at first sight with Labranda Velaris Resort & Village and the island of Brač

About fifteen days ago, dear Tina shared a story about her trip to Virovitica, and today the winner of a free weekend at Labranda Velaris Resort & Village on the island of Brač will tell you hers.

To remind you, together with our friends from the magical Labranda Velaris Resort & Village from Supetar on the island of Brač, we gave a WEEKEND FOR TWO PERSONS to Barbara from Montenegro.



Here’s how love at first sight developed with a small amount of fear.


We are citing her message entirely…


We were woken up by the sound of a message on my phone, someone tagged me… At that point, I was so sleepy, that I didn’t know what was it about, or even when I applied for this giveaway, and the message said, congratulations, you’re the lucky winner. At that moment, I couldn’t even remember what the prize was, but I jumped out of joy and wondered if I was dreaming. Although this is not the first time I have won something, to me it was more of a proof that I am lucky in such games..Then a little dash of fear followed…A thousand and one questions went through my head, what if it is not real and ends up being a scam, and we traveled all this way… but in the end, I decided not to think about it anymore.

September finally came, and we woke up at 4:00 in the morning and reached Split in just 4 hours.



We decided not to take the first ferry, but to walk for the first time through the streets of beautiful Split, we drank coffee by the sea and discovered the charm of the narrow cobblestones of the old town, we took an unplanned walk through the market and got a fruit salad from a sweet grandmother…


Then we bought a return ticket for the ferry, and during the ride we enjoyed watching dolphins and seagulls enjoying their freedom… (watch the video at the end)


When we arrived at Labranda Velaris Resort and Village, we were enchanted by its incredibly beautiful location, right next to the coast, with a full garden of olive and other trees, somehow isolated from the world, but perfect for enjoying… At the reception, we were greeted by a wonderful receptionist who explained everything and gave us the key to the apartment, to which we were led by a path full of flowers… We were also welcomed in the room with a welcome basket filled with fruits and wine.



As soon as we left our things, we decided to go to the beach and see the island of Brač. The breakfast at the resort was excellent, and everything was even better than we could have imagined.


Photo: Barbara Vukadinović,


Time passed really quickly, so we decided to extend our mini-trip by another day and visit the city where our love story began six years ago… Mostar.

Barbara Vukadinović

Once again, we would like to thank our partner Labranda Velaris Resort and Village for enabling this beautiful couple from Montenegro to enjoy themselves, and we would also like to thank Barbara for her message, beautiful pictures, and Instagram reel!



New giveaways are coming soon!!


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