Mount Tomorr: Albania’s Olympus is home to the shrine of Abaz Ali Türba and an endless view

Mount Tomorr, located in the Berat and Skrapar region of Albania, is a 40-kilometer-long mountain range that reaches a height of 2,416 meters above sea level at the summit of Partisan Peak (Çuka e Partizanit).

Because of its isolation and the sanctuary on it, it is also called the Albanian Olympus, and it is also one of the largest areas for collecting water.



Mount Tomorr from the direction of Berat, Photo: Godo Godaj, CC BY 2.0 DEED


Abaz Ali Türbe

On the southern peak of Mount Tomorr,  at 2,384 n/m, there is a Bektashi türbe (sanctuary or holy grave), known as Abaz Ali Türbe. This shrine is traditionally considered the resting place of Abbas ibn Ali (647–680), son of Ali.



According to the traditions of the Bektashi order, a Sufi community mainly based in Albania, Abbas ibn Ali (known as Abaz Aliu) went to Albania on a white horse to save it from barbarism. Today, he is believed to return to Mount Tomorr every year for five days (August 20-25), during which animal sacrifices are performed and Abbas ibn Ali is honored.


Mount Tomorr, Abbas Ali Turbe, Photo: Malenki,, CC BY-SA 4.0


Mythology and Folklore

In Albanian folklore, Mount Tomorr is also associated with the legendary figure Baba Tomorr, who is imagined as an old giant with a long white beard with four eagles hovering above him and landing on his snowy slopes. According to the interpretation, Baba Tomorr is a remnant of an Illyrian deity.


Mount Tomorr, Photo: Albinfo, CC BY-SA 3.0


Mount Tomorr not only dominates the geographical landscape of Albania with its magnificent height but also plays a key role in the spiritual life of its inhabitants.

Whether it’s pilgrims coming to pay homage to Abbas ibn Ali or adventurers (mountaineers) coming to explore its natural beauty, Mount Tomorr is an important symbol of Albanian culture and history.


Mount Tomorr, Abbas Ali Turbe, Photo: Malenki,, CC BY-SA 4.0.


It can be reached by anyone, by car or on foot, and the view that awaits you there cannot be compared to anything.






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