Near the sky: What are the highest mountain peaks in the countries of the Adria region?

The mountain ranges in the Adria region abound with spectacular peaks, each with its unique beauty. Among them, the five highest mountain peaks in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania represent an exciting journey towards the heavenly heights with an enchanting view into the distance as far as the eye can see.

Here are the highest peaks, ranked from highest to lowest!



Maglić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Photo: Iain Hinchliffe, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED


1. Triglav – SlovenIa:

The highest peak in Slovenia and the pride of this alpine gem is Triglav. This peak rises to 2,864 meters above sea level and is a national symbol and pride for many Slovenians. Triglav is part of the Triglav National Park and is surrounded by beautiful lakes and dense forests.


Triglav, Slovenia, Photo: Ales Krivec, Unsplash

2. Korab – Albania:

On the Šar mountain range, on the border of Albania and North Macedonia, is the highest peak in Albania – Korab (al. Mali and Korabit). This impressive peak reaches a height of 2,764 meters above sea level and offers incredible vistas of the two bordering states and the surrounding mountains.


Korab, Albania, Photo: Frantisek Trampota, CC BY 2.0 DEED

3. Bobotov Kuk – Montenegro:

The biggest dilemma is which is the highest peak in Montenegro, which we have already written about in detail. However, we have chosen to make it Bobotov Kuk, part of the Durmitor mountain massif, in this post. This peak reaches a height of 2,522 meters above sea level and offers spectacular views of canyons, glacial lakes, and forests.


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Bobotov Kuk, Durmitor, Montenegro, Photo: Goran Smith


4. Maglić – Bosnia and Herzegovina:

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the highest peak is Maglić, which rises to 2,386 meters above sea level. This mountain peak is located in the heart of the Sutjeska National Park and represents an exciting challenge for mountaineers. In addition to the impressive view of the surroundings, Maglić is also rich in biodiversity.


Maglić, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Photo; Muhamed Hodzic, Unsplash

5. Dinara – Hrvatska:

The highest mountain peak in Croatia, Dinara, stretches between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its highest peak in Croatia, Sinjal, reaches a height of 1,831 meters above sea level. Dinara is recognizable for its forests, meadows, and numerous speleological caves.


Dinara, Croatia, Photo: Aleksandar Gospić, Croatian Tourist Board


Each of these mountain peaks carries with it its own unique story and beauty. If you have the chance, explore these spectacular mountain peaks, absorbing the wealth of nature, culture, and history of the countries of the Adria region.



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