No, this is not Thailand! The beautiful Shala river canyon has become a big sensation!

As Albania emerges as Europe’s newest popular destination, new places gain attention every day, attracting eager visitors. From the renowned Ksamil, Sarande, and Dhermi to national parks like Theth and the Albanian Alps, and historical cities such as Kruja and Gjirokaster, there is much more waiting to be discovered.

One such place that has recently garnered significant attention and still holds immense potential for development is the Shala River (alb. Lumi I Shalës). Many compare it to famous destinations in Thailand and the Philippines as well!




Shala River Canyon, Photo: Bennymarty, Depositphotos


Shala River springs within the Albanian Alps and passes through the village of Theth for exactly 37 kilometers before it joins the Albanian Queen Drin. Its journey takes it through areas like Shalë, Shosh, and Temal,  and ends as she meets Komani Lake.

Characterized by its unbelievably light blue color and shades of green reflecting from the surrounding trees, the Shala River Canyon is not very deep. Consequently, its riverbed is filled with numerous river islands and many caves.


Shala river canyon, Photo: loewenzahn, Depositphotos


Due to the presence of numerous river islands, visitors can enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of the Shala River. The development of tourism in the area has led to the establishment of many restaurants, bars, guest houses, and various accommodations, providing the opportunity to extend enjoyment beyond the boat ride.


Shala river canyon, Photo: loewenzahn, Depositphotos


To reach the Shala River, you must take a ride by a ferry or organized trip departing from the Komani Lake ferry stop (Komani Dam). These trips will take you through this amazing gorge, where you can enjoy sunbeds, perfectly cold drinks, and the refreshing river.

The best time to visit Shala River Canyon is definitely during the summer months when temperatures are higher. Shala River is predominantly very cold, making the summer ideal for activities like swimming, kayaking, and hiking.


Shala River Canyon, Photo: Bennymarty, Depositphotos


From the information available, most organized trips depart at 9 am from the ferry stop and last until 3 pm. The boat ride from the Dam to one of the many Shala islands takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes. The price of the tour depends on the agency but averages around 25 euros for adults.

As many people rush here over the summer, make sure to secure your spot on time!





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