November Gourmet Ljubljana – celebration of new flavors and innovative dishes

The November Gourmet Ljubljana culinary festival comes to life again this year, a celebration of new flavors, innovative dishes, fresh approaches, unusual experiments, new contacts, and fruitful collaborations, which will enrich Ljubljana’s culinary offer even after the festival is over.

It started on November 2 and will last the whole month, because culinary art is one of the pillars of Ljubljana tourism.



Beer experience of Ljubljana, Photo: Mankica Kranjec / Mea Culpa, photo library Tourism Ljubljana,


As part of the gastronomic festival November Gourmet Ljubljana, various events are held every year, the common thread of which is good food and wine. The festival is held under the auspices of the Gourmet Ljubljana brand and is a selection of the best that local and foreign guests can taste.

Slovenian chefs present both revived traditional dishes of their ancestors and innovative creations, often inspired by their domestic and foreign experiences.


Ljubljana lunch, Photo: Matevž Kostanjšek, photo library Turizam Ljubljana,


In November, all Slovenian delicacies are concentrated in Ljubljana, at various events, tastings, guided city tours, and cooking workshops.

So don’t forget about the 25th Slovenian Wine Festival and the Ljubljana Wine Road, where you can pamper your palate with more than 400 wine samples, and we especially recommend the culinary tours around the city, Let’s meet at the square, and the Ljubljana Beer Experience.

View the entire November Gourmet Ljubljana program at this link.





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