Now it’s the perfect time to visit the disappearing lake Cerknica!

The more we investigate the Adria region the more we find places that completely amaze us. This time we came across an interesting place to share with you and it is located just 50 kilometers southwest of lovely Ljubljana. It is considered to be one of the underrated places to visit in Slovenia.


In the karst field of Cerknica, you will find an interesting phenomenon, a lake so special that the only time you can see it, is in spring or autumn, especially when the rain falls. For the rest of the year is pretty much dried up.





Cerkenica Lake is a type of intermittent lake that disappears seasonally and under which lies a series of subterranean reservoirs. In summer and high drought, drains itself underground. Due to this, the size and depth of the lake varies. After heavy rains, and at its best, the lake spreads across 28 – 38 square kilometers and it reaches a depth of 10 meters.

Perfect for kayaking, right?


Cerknica Lake, Photo: Nina Kurnik,


Surrounded by the Javornik Hills, the Slivnica, and the Dinaric Alps,  Cerknica Lake is also a perfect place for those who love hiking.  To reach it, you will head from the town of Cerknica, towards the village of Dolenje Jezero, and drive until you reach Cerkniško Lake Visitor Center (directions are on the map below).  Although fully reachable by car, in order to experience this magnificent phenomenon, you will have to continue on foot.

Around the lake, you can also check out things such as Rešeto Swallow Hole, Vodonos Swallow Hole, and Suhadolca Estavelle. If you would love to go a bit further, after another 5 kilometers from the lake you will come across Velika Karlovica Cave, a sink cave that has more than 8,000 meters of researched passages.




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For a full experience of this lake and region, make sure you pay it a visit. Now it’s definitely the best time to do so!




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