On the way from Pohorje to Drava, Lobnica flows through a beautiful gorge and creates picturesque waterfalls!

One of the most beautiful natural beauties in the area of the Pohorje Nature Park are certainly three special waterfalls. It is about Veliki and Mali Šumik and Vernski slap.

Although they are not the only waterfalls in this nature park, they can be visited in one go due to their proximity to each other.



Veliki Šumik waterfall, Photo: breki74, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED


The waterfalls are located on the Lobnica stream, which stretches through 19 hectares of the Šumik rainforest, where beeches, spruces, and firs have found their secret refuge, as well as habitats of rare plants.

After a short descent between the cliffs near Lobnica, you will reach Veliki Šumik waterfall, one of the most powerful waterfalls in Pohorje, 24 meters high. On the rocks around the waterfall, wet from the splashing of wild water, some plants love moist freshness and shade.


Veliki Šumik Waterfall, Photo: Tomo Jeseničnik, www.slovenia.info


In order to get to the Vernski slap, which is located approximately halfway between Veliki and Mali Šumik, it is necessary to turn slightly off the road that leads along the Lobnica stream.

Lobnica is a mountain stream that springs at an altitude of 1,290 m from Silent lake (Falski ribnik) in Pohorje. The length of the river is 15.5 km, and it flows in front of Ruš as a right tributary of the Drava.

Namely, about 100 meters before the confluence of the Verna stream in Lobnica, there is the Vernski slap, which descends down a smooth, very steep tonalite channel and forms the so-called sliding waterfall.


Vernski slap, Photo: breki74, CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED


The trail between Veliki and Mali Šumik is considered very demanding, so you should be very careful. Their mutual distance is about 400 meters.

It is characteristic of the Mali Šumik waterfall that it has two parts. In the first, it is a fall in three jumps, which together measure 9 meters, then an additional 9 meters, which is a total of 18 meters



Although the Lobnice gorge is wild, steep, and full of wet rocks covered with moss and the walk to the waterfalls is quite demanding, it is still an indescribable pleasure for all lovers of untouched nature. 🙂




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