On the way from Slog to Log, the beautiful Lahomniška sopot waterfall awaits you

Near Laško, along the road that connects this town with Šentjur, there is an interesting tourist trail called the Path from Sloga to Log.

It is the former route of the Trobni dol – Lahomno narrow-gauge railway, which transported coal from the nearby mine to Lahomno.



Laško-Šentjur road near Lahomniški waterfall, Photo: Adria fun


Passing by, I didn’t have enough time to go around the entire path, which is about 6 kilometers long, which would take me at least an hour and a half, so I decided to drive my car near the waterfall and look at it.

It turned out to be much more demanding than I thought because there was no sign on the road about 200 meters from the waterfall. The waterfall itself is somewhat hidden from view from the road by a dense forest, only a small wooden bridge gave me an indication that I had to cross it to reach it.


Hidden wooden bridge to Lahomiški waterfall, Photo: Adria fun


When I passed the bridge, which did not instill confidence due to its relative dilapidation, after walking only twenty meters through the forest, I saw a tunnel hidden from view from the road.

There is also a button at the entrance to it, so you can turn on the light while passing through the tunnel, but it’s not bad even if you don’t do it, because you can see the light at the other end.


Mining railway tunnel, Lahomno, Photo: Adria fun


This tunnel is 43.8 meters long and was used for the passage of the narrow-gauge steam railway on this route. It was hand-dug in the living rock. Even soot from the smoke of the locomotive is visible on the tunnel vault. I also found a blackboard for additional information.


Signboard near the railway tunnel Lahomiški waterfall, Photo Adria fun


As soon as I passed the tunnel I heard a strong roar of the waterfall on the right, to which I had to go down steep steps dug into the ground. Descending along them, I arrived in the valley of the Lahomnica River, where the Lahomniški waterfall thunders from a height of 7 meters.

As it was still winter, the waterfall was very powerful and abundant with water that plunged from the rock into a small lake as it continued downstream.


Lahomniški waterfall, Photo: Adria fun


Those who have the time can continue this way to the former Ana Rov mine and see more interesting things related to the former way of extracting ore from the ground, but I didn’t have so much time left. Just for a few photos of the beautiful valley of Lahomniški Sopot waterfall


Lahomnica river valley, Photo: Adria fun





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