One of the oldest symbols of Podgorica! The clock tower has been guarding the city for centuries

Clock towers are not an unusual phenomenon throughout the Adriatic region, especially in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The legacies of the Ottoman Empire are really everywhere, and in addition to the most sacred one in the center of Sarajevo, the one in Podgorica stands out the most.

Located in the old part of the city, on Bećir-beg Osmanagić Square in the Stara Varoš neighborhood, this symbol of the city, which every tourist admires, has been quietly watching over the city for almost 360 years.



Clock tower, Photo: Liridon, CC BY-SA 4.0


This rare building, whose interior is not known to many, was built in 1667 by the Turkish vizier Hadži Paš Osmanagić. As high as 16 meters, the Clock Tower in Podgorica consists of four levels with wooden podiums, which receive its light through stone openings in the wall, and, according to some sources, got its clock from Italy.

Built for the purpose of defense against enemies, in a perfect position between the Morača River and Ribnica, the Clock Tower, in addition to the function of guarding the city, also served as a city clock and a landmark for many travelers.


Clock tower, Photo: Nokola, Depositphotos


When Podgorica was liberated from the Ottoman Empire in 1890, a cross was placed on the top of the tower, which, in addition to the clock, decorated this wonderful monument of Ottoman architecture. During the renovation in 2017, it was removed from the tower, which caused outrage from the citizens, but it has not been returned until now.

Having survived the Second World War and the destruction of Podgorica, it was planned to install three more clocks on the Clock Tower so that the time could be seen from all sides, but this plan was never implemented, and it will probably never be approved for its protection.


Clock tower, Photo: Engin Korkmaz, Depositphotos


Although it is not the only clock tower in Montenegro, there are also Ulcinj, Bar, and Pljevlja, this one from Podgorica is truly special. Its position and recognition are an integral part of every visit to this wonderful city, and it is also protected as a cultural asset.

Visiting its interior is not allowed to everyone to this day, both for safety reasons and for its preservation. Whoever is given that opportunity can truly say that he/she has seen the whole of Podgorica.




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