Only 50 meters from this Albanian islet is the border with Greece

The Albanian coast begins in the northwest with the delta of the Bojana River, which divides the border between Albania and Montenegro, and stretches southward until it reaches Cape Stili on the Albanian-Greek border.

Including lagoons and bays, the coast stretches for a total of 450 km and touches two seas: the Adriatic in the north and the Ionian in the south.



Cape Stili, Albanija, Photo: Albinfo, CC BY-SA 4.0 


Right there, in the very south, only 50 meters from the border with Greece, is the small island of Tongo (al. Ishulli i Tongos). Practically, by jumping into the sea and taking a short swim, you cross the border between these two countries.




Tongo is a small rocky island located at the entrance to the bay of Ftelia at a distance of 300 meters from the coast. The island is 250 meters long and only about a hundred meters wide and is rich in aquatic life and can easily be explored by boat or by air.





On the islet itself, there are several beautiful pebble-sand beaches to which boats from nearby Ksamil and Saranda run in the season, and there is also a small cave.







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