People of Adriatic: one of the tallest people in the world!

Nestled along the stunning shores of the Adriatic Sea, extraordinary people possess a remarkable characteristic that sets them apart from other nations, and that is their towering stature. People of Adriatic grab attention with their impressive height as if they are reaching for the heavens above.


There must be something in the air, food, or drinks in the Adriatic because people from this region are breaking all the records when it comes to height! Tourists and random passengers through Adriatic always mention their height as something so odd. I, wherever I traveled, and I did to many parts of the world, was looked at as a giant even though I am a woman,  now imagine what would they say if they met a man.



The thought made me wonder why is it so.


Photo: Sun Pixel Photography / Pexels


I mean it is true that as kids, we were always fed like little piglets with anything possible that could influence our growth. I remember that I was always told to drink milk before bed or finish my chicken veggie soup so I could grow taller… Could it be that? Or is it because our ears were pulled by “random” older ladies on the streets who used to stop us and talk to our mothers?



Photo: Veronica Reverse / Unsplash


I investigated a little and found out that in our region, the people of Montenegro are the tallest, reaching 183.3 cm for men. The second one are people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, reaching 182.4 cm for men. The third one are people of Slovenia, reaching 180.9 cm on average for men. In fourth place are the people of Croatia, where men reach 180.8 cm on average.  People of Albania didn’t get to grab their portion of the mixture between genetics and out-of-world influences and are on average reaching 174 cm for men.


Regarding women in Adriatic, the tallest are again in Montenegro, reaching 169.9 cm on average. The second one are women of Bosnia and Herzegovina with 167.5 cm on average. The third are women of Slovenia, with 167.2 cm. Women of Croatia are fourth with 166.6 cm on average, and last is again, Albania with 162.2 cm on average.


On the world scale, Montengrians are 2nd, Bosnians are 3rd, Slovenians 9th, Croatians 11th, and Albanians 89th.



Our handball players and basketball players are one of the tallest in every match as well, no wonder we are so good at sports. I mean, who can pass an Adritic giant…



Once I saw that there was a bigger world out there, so I made myself be a part of it.

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