Përmet, the city of flowers and the river Vjose, is best known for its city stone!

Permet ( alb.Përmet), a small town in the south of Albania situated in Gjirokastër county and only 30 kilometers from the border with Greece, is a place where you can enjoy peace, an abundance of flowers, and endless greenery.

However, Përmet is best known for its City Stone (al.Gurin e Qytetit), a natural rock that defiantly sticks out in the center of the city, and which you can climb and enjoy the panorama of the city.



Permet, View of Vjosa and City Stone, Photo: Malenki, CC BY-SA 4.0


Përmet was known as an administrative center as early as the 15th century, and several of its spacious bazaars were frequented by the inhabitants of the surrounding countries.

One of the last wild rivers in Europe, Vjosa, flows through the city, whose beauty, untamedness, and turquoise blue color are known far and wide. The shores of Vjosa are often crowded with anglers, and during the summer there is an annual canoeing competition that starts at the spring of Vjosa, at the foot of Mount Pindi in Greece, and ends with a ceremony in Përmet.


Përmet, View of Vjosa and its waterfalls in Kelcyre, Photo: Xhiliana, Unsplash


Restaurants in Përmet and the surrounding area offer special cuisine, so you can taste ingjinari (artichokes) with olive oil, game meat (including boar), and delicious fish from Vjosa.

Famous wines (cabernet, merlot, etc.) and traditional rakija, as well as delicious glika, sweet gelatin made from various fruits and nuts, especially walnuts, should be tasted.


Përmet, view from the City Stone, Photo: Thanas Todhe, CC BY 3.0


The town of Përmet is also known for the surrounding thermal waters in Vronomer, the hot springs of Postenani, and the thermal waters of Benja and the Lengarica valley, only 3 km away from the town. There are six natural sources of warm medicinal water in the open air, which you can enjoy even in winter.



If your trip takes you to the south of Albania, be sure to visit Përmet, and treat us with a nice photo and a description of how you spent your time. 🙂





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