Plan an unforgettable summer weekend with Mostar Summer Fest

Does the air smell like summer to you too? Is the sun luring you outdoors and encouraging you to create plans for the hottest season?

Unforgettably spend the first summer weekend and complete it with an amazing music experience at Mostar Summer Fest, the phenomenal gastronomic, tourist, and natural offer of Herzegovina from 27.6. until 29.6.




Unspoiled nature as a cure after a sleepless night full of fun

Wondering how to spend the days before the great party at Mostar Summer Fest? If you like to explore and discover oases of peace and natural beauty, at a distance of only 30-40 minutes from Mostar, you can find locations perfect for escaping from the hustle and bustle of the city.


The waterfalls of Kravica or Koćuša will leave you breathless, on the Goranci you will take a deep breath of clean air, and the river Trebižat will provide you with refreshments at its swimming pools after a hot festival evening. If, on the other hand, you don’t want to go far from Mostar, coffee along the Neretva with a view of the Old Bridge is the solution for you. Proven to work better than headache pills.



Adrenaline injection for all-day fun

Herzegovina is a paradise for those looking for outdoor activities. Canoe safaris are ideal for all those who like a combination of enjoying untouched nature, all-day socializing with friends, and phenomenal adrenaline. You can try canoeing with the support of the Adventure Trebižat team, just 40 minutes away from Mostar.


If you are a fan of cycling, you can discover the historic Ćira railway with simple routes, and you can seek advice from the HercegovinaBike team. Undemanding hiking trails in the vicinity of Mostar can be a perfect daily workout after a whole night of dancing and partying, and some of the recommendations can be found on the HPD Prenj 1993 website. You can try quad biking in Goranci, rock climbing in Blagaj, and skywalk and zip line in Fortica, all less than 20 minutes away from the city center.



Historical and cultural sights in the focus of tourist tours

No person stays in Mostar and does not walk through the Old Town. The Old Bridge is a recognizable sign of the city, but you can also find other landmarks next to it. Visits to religious buildings, museums, and galleries are just one of the ways to spend time in Mostar.

The Hub of Fine Arts is a unique art space in Mostar that hides the works of great artists of the 20th century: Degas, Modigliani, Matisse. Mostar is also an open-air gallery: hundreds of unique murals and graffiti are scattered around the city as a result of the Street Arts Festival. Fortresses and towers around the city can be your addresses for day trips, and Blagaj’s Tekke and the tower of Herceg Stjepan Kosača or Počitelj can be some of the first choices.

For a simple, affordable, and comprehensive trip through the enchanting Mostar woven with history and culture, we recommend the Mostar City Pass, a tourist card that offers numerous benefits to visitors for visiting cultural facilities and sights.



Gastronomic pleasure for all palates

The autochthonous Herzegovinian cuisine will surely delight even the biggest gourmets. The narrow streets of the Old Town hide small restaurants with local cuisine, from which the smells of dolma, japrak, and sataraš. Traditional cuisine also includes fish, and the pearl of that menu is eel. Herzegovina is a wine region, so try some of the best Herzegovina wines with lunch, dare to taste blatina, žilavka, or, lately, the increasingly popular trnjak.


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Knebu Winery, Photo: VK promo


A variety of accommodation offers for everyone’s budget


Still have to figure out where to sleep? You can find countless options – from hostels to apartments to hotels. The price range starts from slightly more than 30 EUR per night, so book your accommodation in time. Keep in mind that Mostar Summer Fest is held in the very center of the city at SC Kantarevac, so you won’t have any problems with transportation.

However, you decide to spend the days from Thursday, June 27. until Saturday, June 29, 2024. year, one thing is certain – you don’t need to worry about the evenings. Mostar Summer Fest has ensured three nights of dancing and fun with its lineup, so hurry up and get your tickets.

You can follow all the information about the festival on the official website, as well as the Facebook and Instagram channels of the festival.





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