Plan Your Visit to Srebrenik Fortress: History and Views Await

As a Slavic fairytale would say, beyond the seven mountains and the seven valleys, at the top of the hill, 6 kilometers from the city of Srebrenik or 40 kilometers from Tuzla, a beautiful mystical Srebrenik fortress overlooks the slopes of Majevica mountain.


The fairytale of this beauty is not completely known, but it is believed it dates back to the 14th century.





Built on a steep and hardly inaccessible rock, Srebrenik Fortress has a trench dug underneath and only one entrance across a small bridge. Situated at around 400 meters above sea level, about 60 meters long and 30 meters wide, it consists of defensive walls, four towers, a corral, a cistern, and a residential building.




The Srebrenik fortress has been of huge importance since the beginning as an important road was built at a very near distance. That is seen in also in its long occupation under Hungarian rule which were present there three times.  In late 1460, the Srebrenik fortress was overtaken by the Ottoman Empire, however, after only two years, it came under the rule of the king of Bosnia, Nikola of Ilok. 

Ottoman Empire, after defeating Srebrenik Banovina somewhere in 1519, placed a garrison in Srebrenik, after which it lost its importance until the Peace of Karlovac.

At that time, Austria noticed the magical fortress and assumed that settling here would be a great strategic move, and after many renovations, it was once again abandoned in 1835.



Today, however, the Srebrenik fortress is everything but not abandoned. It is called one of the best preserved Bosnian medieval fortresses and fortresses with the potential to be the biggest attraction in this region.

So, if you find yourself passing by Tuzla, make sure you check it out and its breathtaking view from the top.



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