Pogradec was a favorite excursion destination of the communist elite, and today, it is a popular destination for tourists!

Pogradec is the eleventh largest city in Albania, and it is squeezed between two mountain ranges along the southwestern shore of Lake Ohrid.


Pogradec, Swan on Lake Ohrid, Photo: Endri Killo, Unsplash


The history of Pogradec goes back to the distant past, with roots dating back to the ancient Illyrian civilization that inhabited the area approximately 2,500 years ago. The city was also under Ottoman rule for several centuries, and in the 20th century, it was strongly influenced by the communist regime that ruled Albania for almost fifty years.



Pogradec, Lake Ohrid, Photo: Mariusz Kluzniak, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED


Today, Pogradec is an attractive destination for tourists who appreciate the beautiful landscape, rich cultural heritage, and delicious traditional Albanian cuisine. The city offers numerous opportunities for exploration, adventure, and relaxation on the shores of the lake or in the surrounding mountains.


Pogradec, Restaurant on the lake, Photo: C G, Unsplash


Visitors can enjoy various activities, such as cycling, fishing, rowing, hiking, skiing, or simply swimming on the beautiful beach and enjoying the view of the lake and mountains.

Pogradec is also known for its hospitality, cordiality, and specialties such as koran (trout from Ohrid), local cheeses, and petulla (a type of mini pancake).



Near Pogradec is the Drilon National Park, known for its beautiful gardens and lakes. Here you can enjoy a walk, a picnic or a boat ride.


Pogradec, Drilon National Park, Photo: Bunker92, CC BY-SA 4.0


Pogradec is a city that will delight you with its charm, beauty, and diversity. It’s worth a visit, and if your journey takes you there, send us your story about it and how you experienced it. 🙂









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