Preparations for this year’s edition of Kotor Winter Fest have started!

The Tourist organization of Kotor is preparing for the winter season, and this year’s surprise is a new tourist product called the Kotor Winter Fest.

This winter festival promises to bring good entertainment and a variety of tourist offers during the cold months.



Kotor at dusk, Photo: Pierre Metivier, CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED


The Kotor Winter Fest program is planned to last from December 1 to February 3, promising unforgettable moments and activities for visitors during the holiday season. The main events will be held on the city’s waterfront, where music concerts will take place along with a wide range of food and drinks offered.




The entire program of events should be presented any day now, as well as which of the artists will usher the residents of Kotor and their numerous guests into 2024.




I do miracles right away, but the impossible still takes me a little time!

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