Rafting in the Osum river canyon

Wild and preserved Albanian rivers offer you an excellent opportunity to explore natural beauty by sailing downstream. One of the top locations for such descent is rafting in the Osum River Canyon (al. Kanionet e Osumit).

It is located in the southern part of the country, near the town of Corovode (al. Çorovodë) in the Skrapar region. It is 26 kilometers long and is also known as the Albanian Grand Canyon.



Osum River Canyon, rafting, Photo: Patrick Müller, Flickr.com


The Osum River Canyon is one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Albania. During the spring, the water levels rise from melted snow which makes exploring the entire length of the canyon possible.

Spring is also the best time to view the many waterfalls, which tumble down steeply from high cliffs as rafters pass beneath them.


Osum River Canyon, Photo: Patrick Müller, Flickr.com


At the end of summer, when the water is lower, the entire length of the gorge is not navigable, but there is the possibility of swimming in the small lakes that remain in the riverbed. Parts of the canyon are so narrow that rafting boats can hardly pass through them, which leaves an exceptional experience.


Osum River Canyon, Photo: Patrick Müller, Flickr.com


You can also cross the canyon on foot by hiking along the surrounding steep cliffs and the edge of the canyon, from which positions offer unforgettable viewpoints. In several places, there are also bridges over the canyon where you can best experience the milky turquoise color of the river and enjoy the view of its steep cliffs.



The edges of the canyon have an unusual ecosystem that preserves greenery on both sides of the gorge throughout the year. On the slopes of the canyon, erosion has created small caves. Some of the rocks have imaginative names such as the Cathedral, the Eye, and the Demon’s Gate.


Osum River Canyon, Photo: Patrick Müller, Flickr.com


There are several restaurant establishments near the canyon, so you won’t go hungry and thirsty, and there are also several private apartments available for accommodation at good prices.




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