Rastuša Cave is full of “Tiger Skin”

The town of Teslić has several interesting caves to visit, and the most famous cave is Rastuša, which is located in the village of Rastuša on the eastern side of Hrnji hill, 17 km from Teslić, 24 km from Prnjavor and 25 km from Doboj.

The length of the explored canals is 570 meters, and 450 meters of landscaped paths have been prepared for the tourist tour, which is also illuminated.



Rastuša Cave, Photo: 2e1a0, CC BY-SA 3.0


In the cave itself, the temperature is more than a pleasant 13 degrees throughout the year, so if you come on hot days, it would be good to wear something.

The interior is rich in cave jewelry: stalactites, stalagmites, saliva, draperies, and large rimstone pools.

special attractiveness is found on the walls of the cave, which are covered with patterns known as “Tiger’s skin“, which is created by a combination of calcite deposits and mineral solutions. This phenomenon in Europe is found only in two caves in Italy and France.


Rastuša Cave, Photo: 2e1a0, CC BY-SA 3.0


The Rastuša Cave is an archaeological site, and during the research, the remains of Cro-Magnon and Krapin proto-human prehistoric people were found, as well as the remains of a Pleistocene wolf and a cave bear (20,000 years old).

The remains of two prehistoric hearths were also found in the cave, on one the fire burned for 150 years, and on the other for even 400.



Near the Rastuša cave, there is also a smaller Rastušica cave, which is still not sufficiently explored.





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