Registrations are open for the Rtanj 4 Elements Race 2024

The unique 4 Elements multi-relay race is something special in the world of outdoor sports. That’s what every participant in this race will say.

Nowhere, at any competition, can you find so many different athletes-colleagues, and at the same time they all work as a team. Outstanding individuals, with a rare opportunity to awaken team spirit. This race makes it possible, in the best possible way.



4 elements race, Photo: 4 elements


Adrenaline is felt with every movement. Kayakers and swimmers (or triathletes) through the element of water, cyclists and sky runners through the element of earth, pilots (paragliders) through the element of air, and they all work together in the mode of fire. The last, fourth element!

There are only three races of this type in the world, “Dolomitenmann” in Italy, “Red Bull Elements” in France, and “4 Elements” in Serbia on Mount Rtanj.

After a break of several years, the race is returning to its roots. With the start and finish at the Ramonda Hotel.



A very attractive multi-adventure race between the top of Šiljak and Lake Bovan, through the municipalities of Boljevac and Sokobanja.

If you think you are ready for these efforts, register for the eighth edition of the most interesting race in Serbia.

Open type, in untouched nature, with no easy challenges, technically difficult terrains, and an unsurpassed view from the top of Šiljak. Over 90 kilometers of different trails, climbs, a lot of sweat, tension, emotions, and battles with nature and with yourself. Divided into five completely different sports, and five challenges, only for the most daring athletes ready for adventure and unforgettable socializing.


 4 elements race, Photo: 4 elements


Rtanj, Hotel Ramonda, August 31, 2024! Registrations are open, and you can get more information on the race page.

This year, for the first time, the race will be able to be watched live via a special link on their website.





I plan to live in the moment :)

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