Remember the Advent quiz? The giveaway winner who traveled to Sarajevo just contacted us

If you participated in the Advent quiz that we organized in December, then we are sure that you remember all the prizes and winners! One such giveaway could have taken you to Sarajevo and the Hotel Orange!!

The winner of this giveaway was Nikol Bilas, who recently arrived from Sarajevo and wrote to our editorial office about what she and her partner did during their stay in this beautiful city in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina.



Here is what she said…


The trip to Sarajevo is behind us, so I am sending you a short review of our little adventure. When we arrived in Sarajevo, we decided to walk around Baščaršija and experience the best that this city has to offer. We ate kebabs in the kebab shop “Petica” near Ferhatovići, and they were perfect, and we drank Turkish coffee in the very center near Sebilj.


The accommodation we stayed in was fantastic. In the very heart of Ilidža on Mala Aleja, the Hotel Orange met all our expectations. The hotel has extremely friendly staff and beautifully decorated and clean rooms, and the quality of food made our stay even better and more pleasant. I must especially praise the breakfast, which was perfect.


The next day we decided to go to Vrelo Bosne, which is only 5 minutes away by car from Ilidža. The day was beautiful, so we wanted to spend it in the fresh air and we were not wrong! Nature is beautiful!


Not far away is the Tunnel of Hope, which was built at the Kolar house under the airport runway during the siege of Sarajevo in 1993. The tunnel was used to bring food, weapons, cigarettes, etc. A very emotional place that I think is worth visiting.



We left the last day to walk around town, drinking coffee, buying souvenirs, and feeding pigeons in Baščaršija. We tried zeljanica, kromipruša, and burek in “Bosna” buregdžinica and it really lived up to all expectations. We drank another Bosnian coffee and salep ate baklava and slowly headed home.



Sarajevo delights every time and we can’t wait to come back – at least for one serving of ćevapi!

We would like to thank the portal and the Hotel Orange for the prize and this wonderful adventure.

Kind regards,

Nikol and Saša


Once again we want to thank our partner Hotel Orange for making this adventure possible for this wonderful couple and we want to thank Nikol and her partner for the wonderful pictures and story. We enjoy reading about such beautiful adventures!

We hope, our dear reader, that you will soon participate in one of our upcoming giveaways. 🙂



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