Safari adventure with Livno wild horses

If you love animals, especially horses then add to that a pinch of adventure and you will find yourself surrounded by the beautiful nature of Krug plateau and real wild horses. Sounds unrealistic am I right?


Now, in order to make this adventure happen, all you need to do is head toward Livno, book with an agency of your liking, and with them, head towards the mountain pass Borova Glava. There, you will embark on a safari adventure with Livno wild horses, enjoy a picnic, and take pictures of these magical but free creatures.



Wild horses, Livno, Photo: Vladimir Vujeva, Unsplash


Are they actually wild horses?

Well at this point they are. Their freedom started years back when their ancestors were used in farming, but when they were replaced by machinery, they were let go to roam freely until today.

For many years they were left to fight for themselves and sometimes pass kilometers and kilometers in order to find food. However, in 2010. they were finally protected and under the supervision of local organizations.

There are currently around 700 horses running across the Krug plateau, each day.


Wild horses, Livno, Photo: Vladimir Vujeva, Unsplash


How do you actually get to find them and visit them?

It is advised that you don’t go alone, in the end, these horses are wild and unpredictable, so cautious measures must be taken. The best thing you can do is to book with an agency that will take you on a 3-5h safari adventure where, besides watching these beautiful horses, you will experience much more.

Some of the agencies that are offering such adventure are Livno Wild Horses, Continental Adventure, Via Dinarica, and  ATV Experience Livno. Prices and packages depend on the agency you choose.




Peace, love and music! ☮️

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