Savor the Flavor: Visit Shengjin’s Irresistible Anchor Pizzeria

If you find yourself in Shengjin over the summer months, an attractive small Albanian gem of a city, and are eager to savor some good-looking and delicious pasta or pizza, make sure to stop by this place.

During our Adria tour last summer, we discovered a pizzeria that we somewhat forgot to share with you. So, we thought it would be a great opportunity to provide you with this information as you slowly start making plans for your next summer vacation along the Albanian coast. Maybe it will be a great spot even if you are just passing by…



Shengjin, Photo:


It’s essential to note that,  if you visit Albania in July, temperatures and humidity are significantly higher compared to many other Adriatic locations in Slovenia and Croatia. Consequently, searching extensively for a restaurant at lunchtime could be a challenge. On that scorching summer day, the intense heat was taking a toll on us. Fortunately, we spotted a new restaurant that had just opened right next to our hotel.

Anchor restaurant is located right on Shenjing Beach, next to  Amare Hotel and  Pisha Bar, and it was the closest choice for us.


Anchor pizza and pasta, Shengjin, Photo:


The restaurant’s interior was pleasant, refreshing, and spacious, with careful attention to details that created a ship-like ambiance. Besides indoor seating, there was also a terrace where you could relax, especially on cooler nights.



Upon our arrival, a friendly waiter greeted us, and we decided to go for pizza once again. Yes, pizza – we do enjoy exploring all the variations. Of course, the best refreshing drink choice was cold beer, cola, and sparkling water, and for pizza capricciosa and tacchino ( with turkey ham).

The order arrived promptly and vanished as quickly as it could. Both pizzas had an excellent balance of cheese and tomato sauce, prepared freshly right in front of our eyes, and they looked appetizing.




As for the prices, if you’ve been following our adventures across Albania, you’re well aware that this bill is going to be much more affordable than in most restaurants along the Adriatic coast. The Capricciosa was 6.5 euros (650 lek), and the Tacchino was 6 euros (600 lek). Beer, as is typical throughout Albania, was a bit pricier, costing 2 euros (200 leks) for Peroni, cola was 1.8 euros (180 leks) and a large bottle of sparkling water (0.75l) was priced at 2 euros (200 leks).


The overall experience was great. Both pizza and the service were good and we are most likely going to visit them if we find ourselves in Shengjin again!

Anchor is approved! 😀




Peace, love and music! ☮️

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