Seven pearls in the heart of Dubrovnik County! Baćina lakes are made for adventurers

If you drive towards the south of Croatia, somewhere in between the historical Dubrovnik and sunny Makarska, and stop right by the settlement of Baćina, you will encounter one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Dalmatia. To be precise, there are seven of these picturesque pearls, harmoniously situated by the nearby Neretva Delta and the Gulf of Ploče, imparting their emerald green hue.


Baćina Lakes, surrounded by beautiful hills, spread across 138 hectares, with six of them interconnected and one standing alone.



Baćina lakes, Photo: Ohsoshy, Unsplash


The six interconnected lakes are named Oćuša, Crniševo, Podgora, Sladinac, Šipak, and Plitko, and the isolated one is Vrbnik. Among these seven enchanting karstic lakes, Oćuša stands as the largest, Crniševo as the deepest, and Vrbnik as the smallest.

Despite having springs of salt water, the Baćina Lakes are predominantly freshwater lakes, and their depths extend below the sea’s surface. Their freshwater composition fosters a diverse ecosystem, providing a habitat for various wetland flora and fauna.



With their serene waters, the Baćina Lakes are an ideal destination for those who enjoy exploring around in a kayak, although the main attraction undoubtedly lies in the experience of riding in the well-known Neretva vessels. If you find yourself in a kayak or aboard a vessel, be sure to explore the three small islands and tunnels. For those who aren’t avid water enthusiasts, the lakes offer an alternative experience through cycling or walking.

Regardless of the activity you choose, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter various birds, fishes, and reptiles that inhabit the Baćina Lakes.


Neretva vessel, Baćina Lakes, Photo: Susy Baels, Dreamstime


Thanks to the diverse range of activities offered by the Baćina Lakes, they have become an increasingly popular tourist attraction, particularly for adventurers.

Many visitors find the refreshing environment irresistible, opting to spend extended periods of time there. Whether you choose to immerse yourself in the surroundings of the camping site or apartments, the Baćina Lakes provide a unique retreat for those seeking both adventure and relaxation amidst the beauty of nature.







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