From a ghost town to a tourist paradise! Shengjin is a city worth visiting!

Not far from Tirana, about 70 kilometers north, a city called Shengjin is hiding in the shadow behind Ksamil, Sarande, and the rest of the popular places in Albania.  A city that surprised all team members the most on the summer Adria tour and a city that is underrated in the media as a good tourist destination.

Until recently, Shengjin could have been called a ghost city, but today is a great hot spot for anyone looking to enjoy endless beaches, clubs, and good food.



Why am saying this? Just take a look at this one single frame on the main Shengjin beach that was taken in June 2016!! To witness a change in just a few years, make sure to read until the end!



Here is how Shegnjin looks and feels today!


Shengjin, Photo:


about Shengjin


Situated in Lezhe county, just a 20-minute drive from the magnificent Lezha Castle and where mighty Skanderbeg also formed a League of Lezhe to fight the Ottoman Empire, Shengjin was an important harbor at the time of Illyrians and Ottomans. The city was under a lot of influence in the early 1900s until its dependence.

As American President Woodrow Wilson supported this, Albania even renamed the city from Shengjin to Wilson and it remained like so until World War II when Italy invaded the city and renamed it to San Giovanni di Medua. The city’s name was once again changed to its original when the war ended. Interesting, right?

In Shengjin you can also find a replica of the Statue of Liberty in front of Rafaelo Resort.


State of Liberty, Shengjin, Photo:


Why should you visit Shengjin?

We know that when you search online about Albania, you will get to see recommendations about popular places, but we hope that our recommendation will change your mind to stop by Shengjin as well. At least for a day or so.

Here is why we think it’s worthy of attention.


1. Rapid development

Shengjin, like most places in Albania, especially when it comes to tourism is pretty fresh on the market. The city, even at the time of our visit is still under development. The number of apartment buildings, resorts, and clubs is growing by a blink and there will be even more of it very soon. The offer is pretty big already and there is still enough space to grow.


2. Clubs, clubs, and more clubs…

If you want to have fun in Albania while clubbing in the middle of the main Shengjin beach then this city is made for this. Over the day, those same places are lounge bars offering refreshing drinks while you are enjoying sunbathing and swimming, and at night, disco balls are spinning while waiters serve you the best cocktails ever.

On our visit, we came across  Pisha Lounge Bar, but believe us, it was really hard to pick between all of them, especially when each attracted you with its music, the smell of shisha, or the crowd standing in front of it.


3. ShenGjin beach

Of course, the main beach is for sure the biggest attraction itself. All you wish in one place. From the number of clubs on it, tanning beds, restaurants, and resorts all around! All you have to do is choose.

We chose to stay at the Amare Hotel and it sincerely has all the recommendations possible. From the comfort of rooms, food, pools, and its piece of the beach with tanning beds.

From the restaurants, we visited Anchor Pizzeria as it was the closest to the hotel and had just recently opened, however, there are many to choose from.


4. Vibrant summer nights

At night, it’s like someone turned on a switch. The city becomes so vibrant. People get dressed up and walk around the promenade, the music is playing at every corner, small shops are open, and restaurants are slowly filling up with guests. Every night something else.

The thing we loved the most was a serving of fresh-cut fruits which you can take with you in a cup to munch on like you would eat popcorn or in a juice form. It all depends on your liking and preferences.



On top of all of this, watching the sunset while sitting in the warm sand feels and looks magical.


Shengjin, Photo:



Prices in Albania are, in comparison with Croatia, much more favorable. Lunches, dinners, sweets, whatever you want, and all for under 10 euros per head. Our average lunch for 3 people with a drink came out to 20 euros, and it’s a pleasure to order whatever you want without getting a heart attack. Freshly sliced fruit in a large cup costs one euro, coffee for less than one euro, ice cream is one euro on average. Only alcohol is a bit more expensive, but even that is still a decent price.


6. And much more

Shengjin has a lot to offer in so many ways. Just a few kilometers away from the center you can enjoy a Nuevo Delux resort where besides having the best night of your life by the pool, you can enjoy the biggest slides in the district.



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Nuevo Deluxe resort, Photo:



By heading south from the city, you will also come across the Kune-Vain-Tale and Patok Lagoon, two beautiful nature reserves. Ulza Regional Nature Park is also something you shouldn’t skip!



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So, what do you say? Is Shengjin going to be on your travel plans for the next season?




Peace, love and music! ☮️

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