The short but sweet river Žrnovnica delights all visitors!

At the very gates of the Podstrana, just a few kilometers from the second-largest Croatian city Split, known for its many tourist attractions and parties, you will find river Žrnovnica, a natural border that separates this settlement from the city.

Although short and sweet, this river delights many visitors and is a part of many tourist guides’ itineraries. But why?



River Zrnovnica, Photo: Marcin Szala, CC BY-SA 3.0


This beautiful karst river, which springs from the Mosor mountain range, spans precisely 4.8 kilometers and, on its way, passes through the settlements of Žrnovnica and Podstrana before finally reaching the Adriatic Sea.

As it springs, in its very upper course, Žrnovnica River passes through a gorge that is not as accessible as its mouth, where you can find a beautiful promenade. The inaccessibility adds to this river’s preservation and natural beauty.




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With its crystal-clear water and beautiful waterfalls, besides creating a magical experience for everyone who visits it, Žrnovnica River is also home to numerous species of which one is Adriatic trout, which is an an endangered endemic and only lives in the upper areas closer to the spring. In the down part, towards its mouth, you will also find eels and Californian trout.

Žrnovnica River also serves the purpose of a water supply in the area of Split.


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As a destination to visit, the area of Žrnovnica River is a great place for anyone who loves to spend time in nature. From its mouth to the stone quarry, you will be able to walk through a 2-kilometer-long promenade while enjoying a peaceful walk and paying a visit to a beautiful stone bridge that dates from the end of the 19th century.



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Žrnovnica river, Photo: Kigsz, CC BY-SA 3.0


If you follow it further towards the Žrnovnica settlement, you will pass next to a 600-year-old stone water mill which is a monument of the culture of the Republic of Croatia and which still works to this day.

In the mill area, along with Klis fortress, several scenes from the popular TV series Game of Thrones were filmed. Consequently, many enthusiasts of the show also come to visit.



If you already find yourself in Podstrana, make sure to pay a visit to this beautiful area as well. You will not regret it.



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