Sinjajevina and Torna: The magical nature of Montenegro

Sinjajevina, also known as Sinjavina, is an exceptional mountain in the north of Montenegro. It stretches from the southeast to the northwest, between the town of Kolašin and the village of Njeguđa, near Žabljak. The massif is 40 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide.



Sinjajevina is one of the most specific mountains in Montenegro. Some geographers classify it as a mountain plateau, but it also has the largest pasture in Montenegro.


Torna, also known as Babji zub, is the highest peak of this mountain and is located at a height of 2,277 meters. Its impressive eastern rock is located above the village of Gornje Lipovo, and on the western side, its rocky slopes dominate the green valley of Dragoviča Polje, the mountain range of the Morača mountains, and the impressive canyon of the Morača River.


Morace Canyon, Photo: Oleg Gratilo, Unsplash


Sinjajevina is also home to two lakes: Zabojsko Lake (1486 meters, 19 meters deep) and Zminicko Lake (1295 meters, 4 meters deep).

These lakes are in the process of natural extinction. The terrain is otherwise ideal for mountain biking, and in winter for longer skiing.



Sinjajevina is also easily accessible from the Durmitor National Park, which provides numerous opportunities for climbing and cycling routes in the area, offering visitors an unforgettable experience of nature and adventure.




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