Sizzling Summer Trio: Ćevapi, Chicken Salad and Aeroplan restaurant

If you find yourself in the heart of Sarajevo, and its beautiful vibrant Bascarsija, on a hot summer day and looking for a place for refreshment and good Bosnian food, you might as well stay and dine at your hotel or at home. It felt like a mission impossible for the Adria Fun team.


Bascarsija, Sarajevo, Photo:


Finding a good restaurant in this area, that is not overcrowded, has proper shade and at which you won’t wait too long, becomes tiring after several attempts. Especially if you are veeeeery hungry, as we were. But, I guess, luck finally smiled down on us, as we came across the restaurant Aeroplan.



Restaurant Aeroplan, Sarajevo, Photo:


Situated in Bascarsija, right by the renowned Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque, the Aeroplan restaurant is nestled in the courtyard of one of the oldest buildings in Sarajevo. Unofficial sources suggest that the building could be over 500 years old, adding a layer of historical charm to the dining experience. Upon entering, a spacious open area with seating under the shade meets you. The restaurant also offers an upper closed deck with additional seating, accessible via the stairs as in the photo, providing guests with a choice of atmospheres in this unique and historic setting.


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Aeroplan, Sarajevo, Photo:


As we were seated, the waiter quickly approached us, and, following the tourist tradition, we ordered two portions of ćevapi, an essential Bosnian dish, and one non-touristic option, the chicken salad. For those familiar with our previous restaurant reviews, you may already know that I don’t consume red meat. Despite the occasional sympathy from my team, it remains a steadfast choice. This visit was no exception! 😅


Given our considerable hunger at that moment, our focus on food quality was somewhat fleeting. From what we can recall, the meal was decent, arriving promptly and freshly prepared. With the food we additionally ordered large sparkling water and a cola.

Here’s the breakdown of the prices: a portion of ćevapi and chicken salad each cost 6.15 euros (12 KM), the sparkling water was 3 euros (6 KM) for a liter, and the cola was priced at 1.80 euros (3.5 KM).

Overall experience was good and it’s on the map of approved restaurants of the Adria Fun team.




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