Snežnik Castle is a good idea to visit in any season

Snežnik Castle is located in the southwestern part of the Lož Valley, near the village of Kozarišče in the municipality of Loška Dolina in Slovenia, not far from the border with Croatia.

This rare gem among castles stands out for its original furniture from the 19th century, so when you visit it, you will easily adapt to the times when the owners used it as their summer house.



Sneznik castle, Photo: ASafaric, Depositphotos


The exact time of construction of the Snežnik Castle has not been precisely determined, but it was first mentioned indirectly in the 13th century by mentioning Meinhard von Schneberg.

The castle began to appear in written documents during the 15th century and changed owners over time, often in the hands of prominent noble families.

The present appearance of the castle was shaped in the second half of the 19th century when it was bought by the Schönburg-Waldenburg princely family from the Dresden area. They thoroughly renovated the castle, furnished it luxuriously, and used it as a summer house and hunting lodge.


Sneznik castle, Photo: Nina Kurnik,


The surrounding park of the castle is arranged in the style of an English park from the 19th century, with numerous paths surrounded by rows of trees. Deer settled at that time still roam freely in the park, and the lake near the castle is additionally enriched with trout.

Various interesting festivals are held in the castle during the year, so it might be a good idea to visit it at that time.


Sneznik castle, Photo: Andrej Tarfila,


The castle is now managed by the National Museum of Slovenia, and you can visit it with a guide. The ticket price is 8 euros for adults and 4 euros for children, and there is also a family ticket for 16 euros.





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