Sokolac: the enigmatic hilltop fortress in Lika

In the heart of beautiful and mysterious Lika, driving on the A1 motorway towards Otočac, you will cross paths with the municipality Brinje where an enigmatic fortress stands still on a hilltop for centuries.

Located about 43 kilometers from coastal Senj, Old Town Sokolac or Sokolac Fortress is one of the most preserved noble cities in Croatia.



Sokolac, Brinje, Photo: Jasmina, Dreamstime


Old Town Sokolac dates back to the 14th century and was built and ruled by the Frankopan family. The fort was, at that time, the center of political and cultural life.

After the Ottoman Empire invaded most of the region, the fort was given to King Matija Korvin, where he established a military defense. The fort was then adapted to meet military needs, and a quadrangular tower was built at the entrance while the outer walls and half-towers protected it.

Once Military Frontier was disbanded, the fortress was fully abandoned and additionally destroyed by an earthquake in the 19th century.


Sokolac, Brinje, Photo: Mrakhr, Dreamstime


Since the 1960’s the fort has been under many reconstructions and once the renovation of the Holy Trinity Chapel was completed in 2009., a permanent exhibition was opened. Today, Sokolac fortress is listed on the list of protected cultural properties by the Republic of Croatia and serves as a reminder of the long and rich cultural heritage of this region.


The municipality of Brinje and the Old Town Sokolac are hiding many interesting stories and legends so if you are passing through Lika, make sure you check them out. We heard both look amazing in the autumn as well.




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